Height adjustable Classroom Desk






The Height Adjustable Desk is very stable with lockable castors and suitable for all learning environments. It's easily adjustable to meet a variety of requirements, both now and in the future, as they rise to match the child’s growth. The high degree of functionality and design make the height adjustable desk a favourite with nurseries, schools, colleges, and at home.


Winding Handle Operated Height Adjustable Desk - Tough & Durable.

Available in Two Height Ranges - Standard Height 710mm to 1,010mm and Primary Height 540mm to 810mm 






SIZE 1: 


Height adjustable range: 540mm to 810mm

Frame depth: 600mm

Frame width: 800mm


SIZE 2: 


Height adjustable range: 710mm to 1,010mm

Frame depth: 600mm

Frame width: 1,000mm



 Beech  Beech




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