Childrens Two section


The Paediatric Two Section Couch is upholstered in a fun bright red colour, is a highly durable and versatile changing table that is ideal for use in a wide range of environments including specialist paediatric schools, health and treatment centres. 


Simple to use, and adjusts the height easily and quickly through a very good range ensuring the Two section Couch is positioned correctly for the utmost levels of comfort and safety. The twin lift design affords excellent stability when the table is being raised or lowered ensuring safety for the user and carer alike.


The headrest is adjustable from -20 degrees to +90 degrees and comes fitted with a breathing hole and plug as standard. For maximum comfort, the two-section couch is well padded and is upholstered in a red durable, wipe clean material that is easy to maintain and will stand the test of time for years to come. The padded cot sides are included as standard


Available as either an electric or hydraulic version. 



from €1695.00 including delivery




Length                        188 cm



Width                           70 cm 



Height                          50 - 92 cm 



Max user weight          180 kg




Red with a blue frame

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