Quest Children Crutches



Our Quest Childrens Crutches are supplied in a pair and are finished in attractive colours. Specifically designed with incorporating soft-grip handles, non-slip ferrules and full swivelling armbands.  These practical features enable disabled or injured children to walk with greater confidence and safety. Manufactured from aluminium they are lightweight yet sturdy walking aids that are very easy to use.


The bright colours make them fun and engaging for the child. Their distinctive appearance also makes these crutches instantly recognisable when they are placed with other crutches.


These crutches have full swivelling armbands which help to prevent the child from accidentally dropping them. These stylish, Coloured Crutches are each fitted with an anti-slip ferrule for increased traction and safety





Size/ref/code    Childrens Crutches  
               Orange, blue, yellow, purple, green               
Size Paediatric
Max User Weight (kg) 100 kg
Floor to Handle Height (cm) 40-63 cm
Handle to Cuff Height (cm) 19-23 cm
















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