Child's Excelerator



The Child Excelerator handcycle is the children's counterpart to the standard Excelerator and is ideal for children new to hand cycling. Designed for everyday use, these upright children's handcycles are excellent for recreational activity or as a change from the rider's everyday wheelchair experience



Stable and manoeuvrable, the Child Excelerator handcycle is safe for even the first-time hand cyclist. The trouble-free 7-speed hub, with reverse braking, means your child's hands never have to leave the pedals. Upright handcycles are not only easier to mount and dismount than other handcycles but are also legally classed as a wheelchair, which means they can be used both on the pavement and in pedestrian zones. The transfer is straightforward and the pedalling action and gear changes are easy. The rear wheels are set at nine degrees camber which makes these handcycles both safe and manoeuvrable.




Totally adjustable, the Child Excelerator will fit children 106cm to 157cm tall / Approx 6-10 years; featuring a simple fore-aft sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system, and straightforward crank height adjustment. 




These handcycles are complimented by a wide selection of accessories and have a starting price of €2700 excl.VAT (*VAT may not apply). 

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