Child Parallel Bars


The Junior Height Adjustable Folding Parallel Bars, like their full-sized counterpart, have been created to provide excellent stability for children undergoing physical therapy treatments. Ideal for hospitals, care homes and rehabilitation centres, these bars benefit from a height adjustment system in order to suit the needs of younger patients patients during physical therapy treatment and rehabilitation sessions.

Like the full-sized model designed for adults, the Junior height Adjustable Folding Parallel Bars provide the ability to easily adjust the height of the bars, just on a smaller scale to suit the needs of children and younger patients.

With an adjustment range of 40cm to 65cm, and secure locking pins to keep them firmly in place, the bars are useful for a range activities pertaining to muscle strengthening and rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

  • Smaller specification to accommodate children
  • Height adjustable to cater to individual patients
  • Non-slip plastic laminate coated bars for easy grip
  • Easily folds flat for simple storage when not in use

The tough steel uprights offer a sturdy structure for the bars, with the bars themselves being coated in a non-slip laminate to give both the patient and therapist confidence that a firm grip will constantly be maintained.

The bars also have the capability to fold flat after used for easy and convenient storage when they are no longer needed, making them perfect for multi-use therapy rooms or gymnasiums.



  • Adjustable height: 40 - 65cm
  • Handrail diameter: 2.5cm
  • Overall dimensions (LxW): 186 x 36cm
  • Maximum user weight: 63kg (10st)


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