The Cavalier walking frame is a good choice for children or adults who need upper body and pelvic support whilst walking for longer periods of time.


It can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to its oversize wheels. The rear aspect of the frame makes transfer easy. The saddle unit provides lateral stability to the pelvis and can be used as a seat, should the user wish to rest. On larger models, the saddle unit is designed to drop down to assist transfer to or from wheelchairs.


The Cavalier has free rotating front wheels and a fixed handlebar stem. It is steered using the body and legs. The handlebars are used to stabilize the trunk of the user only.


Available on HSE contract 9228


The Cavalier is available in 5 sizes covering toddlers to adults. 




  • Leg Guides
  • Anti-tip stabilizer
  • Vertical handholds
  • Leg separation
  • Parental guide pole 
  • Gripmits
  • Hip supports
  • Molded anterior supports
  • Special seat (long, narrow)




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