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Buddy Trailer


The Buddy Trailer is designed for the motor rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy and can be easily fixing to the back of a two-wheel bicycle with a bayonet joint creating a tandem trike.  


  • Is ideal for children with a balance problem and special needs
  • Has a rear axle drive shaft and rear axle hubs have sealed bearings, which give a quiet, smooth ride
  • Is ideal for long rides and family days out

The Buddy Trailer seat provides great levels of comfort and riding safety,  The riding safety is provided by the bending blocked armrests, and optionally pommel and 4 point harness.


The double rear wheels provide stability, and the use of a shock absorber under the seat decreases the vibrations and increases the comfort of the ride.


from €1495.00




  • 16" wheel: Saddle to pedal 38-59 cm


  • 20″ wheel: Saddle to pedal 57-70 cm 


  • 24″ wheel: Saddle to pedal 67-85cm 




The Buddy Trailer can be accessorized with 4 point harness, pommel, comfort handlebar, headrest, footplates, and calf supports.




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