Breezi High Chair


Our Breezi Paediatric High Chair is designed to give support and independence, which is easily adjustable by loosening the screws and can be adjusted to fit any height or seating position in accordance with our clientele. It is designed and tested with international quality standards with safety as the top priority.


As the child grows, the adjustability of the Breezi chair helps ensure that the child is seated at the right height in relation to their table or work surface and that their feet are at the right level in relation to the seat plate. Unlike other high chairs on the market, Breezi chairs have longer feet in order to provide additional stability for the child. This makes the Breezi a great chair for children with specific needs.


The Breezi high chair range has been designed so it can be integrated easily within a home or school environment. Parents love this because it fits well at home. Kids love it because they can sit comfortably. Therapists love it as they can achieve the right posture.




  • Model

       Age Range


      Width cm

    Depth cm

    Height cm

    Weight Kg
















      Teen to Adult







  • Max user weight is 75kg








There are many product options and accessories available for this chair including an optional tray, low-level mobile frame, pommel, seat cushion., supportive backrest, etc


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Breezi upholstery is available in Almond Ultra Faux leather.

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