Bliss Wheelchair tandem


The Draisin Bliss 2 from Quest 88 is the most stable and easy to maneuverable wheelchair carrier available today. Don't just take our word for it, contact us and try it for yourself - its handling is astonishing!

The Bliss 2 has a maximum payload of 250Kg and a generous platform suitable for chairs and power chairs of all shapes and sizes. No one need be excluded from cycling!

The manual version of the Bliss 2 is suitable for use on relatively flat surfaces and is ideally suited to cycling projects. The Electrically assisted version is ideal for families and for projects in a park or forest setting.

The Bliss 2 uses a high-quality tie-down system to give a secure ride and a secondary lap belt. The Bliss 2 manual version has a starting price of €5900.00 Excl. VAT (*VAT may not apply). The additional Li-ion motor is €3550 Excl. VAT (*VAT may not apply).

Assessments for this product can be arranged by contacting us on 01 52 62701 



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