AKKA Mobility platform



The new AKKA smart mobility platform!

A step by step individual development system. From highly limited mobility to becoming an independent electric wheelchair user. The new AKKA Smart follows simple black adhesive tape. It introduces decision making by using the tape to create branches or junctions. The platform can be reversed as well as the child being able to turn on the spot and change direction.

The beauty of the tape is that it is inexpensive and can be taken up and new routes laid down simply and effectively. By following the tape, the child and platform can avoid hazards and navigate internal doorways.

The AKKA Smart enhances switch skills and brings great enjoyment as the child sees his or her progress and increasing their determination as they realise that they are in control.

Some of the features:

Easy track driving
Track driving with route selection
Boundary driving
Free driving
Forward, reverse and turn on the track
One to multi button control
Joystick control
Wireless bluetooth joystick control
Individually programmable
Individual log and development program
Easy change between users


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Available as the Large (100kg) and Large Plus (130kg) Akka Smart mobility platform.


A ramp is supplied with four anchor straps to secure equipment to the base. 


Optional accessories are available for this products. These include: Forward Operating Buttons (in different colours and sizes), a Joystick (with cable or cable with switch), a Assistant Bluetooth Joystick, a Ramp, a Universal Mounting Arm, a Width Extension Kit + 8 cm, a CD Player (with 2 contacts for use with or without AKKA Smart), plus many more...

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