Adult Crutches


Ossenberg Comfort Crutches made from the highest quality materials, the Ossenberg Comfort Grip Crutch has been carefully designed for right-hand use.


Perfect for frequent crutch users, its anatomically shaped, Comfort Grip handle will provide unwavering user comfort and well-being. Featuring rust-resistant, powder coating, it is extremely reliable and incredibly robust.


Lightweight and easy to use, it is equipped with 13 lower and 3 upper clip settings allowing for easy adjustability; this also provides a tailored feel as the height can be altered to perfectly suit the user.


For maximum levels of safety and security, a slip-resistant, rubber ferrule is fitted; this ensures protection against any potential trips or falls.


This Ossenberg Comfort Grip Crutch is supplied in a selection of various colours.



  • Grip length: 120mm (4.75")
  • Cuff width: 100mm (4")
  • Ferrule diameter: 19mm (0.75")
  • Cuff to handle minimum height: 225mm (9")
  • Cuff to handle maximum height: 275mm (11")
  • Handle to ferrule minimum height: 730mm (29")
  • Handle to ferrule maximum height: 1030mm (40.5")
  • Individual crutch weight: 650g (1.5lb)
  • Maximum user weight: 150kg (23.5st)







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