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Therapy Benches

Quest 88 Therapy benches

Home Seating Quest 88 Therapy benches

Therapy Benches Therapy benches can play a significant part in helping children to progress from floor-based therapy to kneeling and from kneeling through to standing. Wider benches provide sufficient surface area for a child to support themselves where capable.

Therapy Benches By adding or removing supports, children can be supported as little or as much as possible to facilitate the child and the therapist's requirements.

The addition of hip, thoracic or knee supports enables children to be positively positioned, thus allowing the therapist to concentrate on other skill development, such as hand to mouth and cross body co-ordination.

Therapy Benches The surface fabric has a slip resistant quality making it ideal for children who use dynamic splints. We use child friendly lacquers for a perfect finish and high-grade plywood for strength and durability. We believe in wood as a natural material for our benches and many of our other chairs.   It holds a contemporary beauty that makes it aesthetically pleasing whilst being environmentally responsible. 

Prices From €320 , depends on complexity of supports required.

therapy therapy therapy

therapy therapy therapy

Hip, Knee & Thoracic Supports available. Download a brochure.
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