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SVAN Balance Toilet Frame

Home Hygiene SVAN Balance Toilet Frame

Svan Toilet Frame Svan Balance is designed to facilitate transfer and toileting for children, people of short stature or other adults.

The product consists basically of a toilet surround with foot rest that can be combined with optional arm rests and support handles according to the requirements of the user.
No matter how you combine the various parts, Svan Balance works very well for the whole family because of the quick and easy shift from safe support for the user to a normal toilet seat for all.
Svan Toilet Frame The footrest is providing stability for the whole body. It is adjustable in four different heights.
The armrests provide support and comfort and allow the user to toilet safely. They are easily adjustable in three heights. The support handles provide a stable support by transfer and functions as fall prevention as well.
Additionally you can use a toilet seat reducer, witch is available in four different sizes.

Svan Toilet Frame Svan Balance is manufactured from coated stainless steel to meet the high demands on quality in wet bathroom environments.

Support handles, armrests and footrest are all made of materials that provide excellent comfort. All parts are easy to keep clean.

Prices From €895, depends on complexity of supports required.

Balance fits most (Swedish) standard toilets that are 390 – 455 mm high. If the porcelain is higher, the leg extension, Item no. 10087, is used.

Materials Powder coated stainless steel with rubber parts made of polyurethane.The seat has a frame made of wood fiber, which is completely covered by glass fiber reinforced polyester. The surface is coated with polyurethane varnish.
Cleaning Use non scratch alkaline cleaners.
Parts included
Arm rests duo (width 350 or 500 mm)
Toilet frame
Seat ring

Arm rest duo
Width 350 or 500 mm
Height (above toilet seat) 220, 245, 270 mm (3 fixed heights)

Foot rest
Width 400 mm
Depth 260 mm
Height above floor 55, 110, 165, 220 mm (4 fixed heights)Foot rest - seat 365, 310, 255, 200 mm

Technical information
Powder coated stainless steel.Rubber parts – polyurethaneWeight: 10.4 kg

Svan Toilet Frame
White and Blue

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