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Surfer Bather Childs Bath Lift

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Surfer Bather Childs Bath Lift

The Surfer Bather Child’s Bath Lift is designed to take the strain out of bathing larger children and those with reduced stability in their upper bodies.
It enables the child to be lowered into the tub from a position level with the bath rim, and raised back out again, so the carer does not need to bend over and down while lifting. Instead, a low-pressure bellows and battery do all the hard work, lowering and raising the child with a motion that is gentle, stable and fully controllable at all times.

Special Features:
- Supplied with elevating scissor lift and bellows
- Supplied with Airflo battery and corded remote control unit
- Adjustable back rest for user comfort
- Soft headrest and chest strap for comfort and stability
- Side restraining clips
- Can be dismantled for packing and transportation
- Fits most standard baths

Product Dimensions

1170mm (46 inches)
410mm (16 inches)
Maximum user height
1350mm (53 inches)
Backrest adjustment
0 to 70 degrees
Platform height
55 to 430mm (2 to 17 inches)
Platform weight
4.2kg (9lb)
Scissor lift weight
4.5kg (10lb)
Maximum user weight
50kg (7.5 stone)
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