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Parallel Bars

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Parallel Bars

These height-adjustable parallel bars are designed for children and may be used in a therapy room or gymnasium. The two bars are coated in non-slip plastic to enhance stability during therapy. Parallel BarsThe bars are mounted on a steel frame. When not in use, the bars can be folded flat for transportation or storage.

Prices From €395, depends on complexity of supports required.

Children/ Junior

Dimensions: Overall size 186cm(l) x 36cm(w)
Height adjustable: 40cm-65cm
Hand rail diameter: 2.54cm
Weight: 70kg

Adult -

Dimensions: Height adjustable from 69cm-100cm 
Width adjustable from 40cm-61cm 
Length: 230cm
Weight: 140kg (22st)
Parallel Bars Parallel Bars

Parallel Bars
Blue and Grey

Parallel Bars

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