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Lil Excelerator The Li’l Excelerator is ideal for anyone new to handcycling. Designed for everyday use, these upright handcycles are excellent for recreational activity or as a change from the rider’s everyday wheelchair experience

Upright handcycles are not only easier to mount and dismount than other handcycles but are also legally classed as a wheelchair, which means they can be used both on the pavement and in pedestrian zones.

Transfer is straightforward and the pedalling action and gear changes are easy. The rear wheels are set at a nine degree camber which makes these handcycles both safe and manoeuvrable

The Li’l Excelerator can also be used as a cross-training device for building up core stability and upper body strength, and are especially versatile in a cycling project situation, offering continued reliability over many miles and years.

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Length 142cm
Seat Width 35cm
Transfer Height 44cm
Product Weight 18kg
Turning Radius 360° in 3.04m
  • Front safety light

    Front safety light

  • Rear Flashing light

    Rear Flashing light

  • Quad Twist Shifter

    Quad Twist Shifter

  • Safety flag

    Safety flag

  • Click straps

    Click straps

  • V cranks

    V cranks

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