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Classic Standing Frame

Classic Standing Frame

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Classic Standing FrameThe CLASSIC Stander is ideal for use in both gymnasiums and special centres. It is designed to lift users from sitting to standing, and can be used in standing therapy regimes.

Classic Standing FrameThe CLASSIC can be used by people with a wide range of conditions; adults with spinal and head injuries, Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neuron Disease all have the potential to stand using this piece of equipment. There are two lifting mechanisms available for the Classic: Transfer can be made from a static chair, wheelchair or height adjustable bed.

Classic Standing FrameThe manual lifting mechanism is suitable for lower lesion spinal injuries and paraplegics with good shoulder and arm strength. The manual belt will control lifting as the user rises to standing. If the user should wish to stop during the standing the belts will lock in position, providing reassuring support. This ensures that the user has maximum confidence in standing at their own pace.

The electric lifting mechanism features a motorized belt adjustment system which is capable of lifting up to 140kg (22 stone*). The mechanism will allow those with moderate trunk control to raise themselves from sitting to standing and those with limited trunk control to be guided into standing with attendant assistance.

Prices From €3950, depends on complexity of supports required.

* uprated motor - otherwise 120kg

The Classic Stander is designed for adults 140cm to 200cm in height.

Classic Standing Frame

Also available with anterior chest pad 30cm high


Classic Standing Frame Classic Standing Frame Classic Standing Frame

Classic Standing Frame Classic Standing Frame Classic Standing Frame

Classic Standing Frame