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CavalierThe Cavalier walking frame is a good choice for children who need upper body and pelvic support whilst walking for longer periods of time.

Cavalier (Hand-steer version)

CavalierWith its unique steering system, the Cavalier can turn easily and precisely. It is responsive and efficient, and helps the user to maintain good rhythm and straight line walking

The Cavalier rolls freely on its relatively large and solid wheels and minor obstacles and kerbs can be negotiated with some training and concentration.

Cavalier FF (Foot-steer version)

The Cavalier FF differs from the Cavalier due to its free rotating front wheels and fixed handlebar stem. It is steered using the body and legs. The Cavalier FF's handlebar is only used to stabilise the trunk of the user.

CavalierThe Cavaliers have an extensive range of accessories available and include moulded anterior supports, leg and foot separation plates, vertical hand holds, forearm supports, hip supports and synthetic wool covers for saddle units. Available in 5 sizes

Prices From €1995 , depending on the complexity of accessories required.

Measurements Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5
Saddle height min/max 30-45 cm 44-59 cm 58-73 cm 72-87 cm 84-97 cm
Total Length 70 cm 81 cm 93 cm 105 cm tba
Total Width 56 cm 63 cm 69 cm 75 cm tba
Product Weight 14.5 kg 16 kg 18.5 kg 19 kg tba
Product Weight 14 kg 15.5 kg 17.5 kg 18 kg tba
Max. User Height 110 cm 130 cm 150 cm 175 cm 190 cm
Max. User Weight 45 kg 50 kg 65 kg 85 kg 85 kg
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