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Adult Changing Plinth

Adult Changing Plinth

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Adult Changing Plinth This Electric Changing Table with Dark Blue upholstery is part of a range of excellent changing tables that have been designed and built to the highest of standards and are suited for environments such as specialist schools or places where people require regular hygiene attention. These Electric Changing Tables are height variable providing not only a low transfer height but quick and simple adjustment to the perfect height for changing procedures, therefore reducing back and postural problems for the carer.

The Electric Changing Table is ideal for any care or treatment environment with its simple to use, electrically operated lift that, makes adjusting the height tremendously easy. With retractable wheels and cot sides, the Electric Changing Table offers excellent stability and safety to the user ensuring the table remains level and the user is protected from rolling off. The reliable castors make manoeuvring and controlling the changing table effortless, allowing the carer to position the table exactly where required without stress or strain. The Electric Changing table top is padded and covered with a waterproof material that is easy to wipe clean to maintain high levels of hygiene while offering a comfortable surface for the user to lie or sit on.

Adult Changing Plinth

Product Specification:
- One Electric Changing Table
- Electric powered height adjustment
- Transfers made easy for carer and user alike
- Back and postural problems for carer eliminated
- Retractable wheels allows bench to be used on uneven surfaces
- Painted cot sides provides added security and safety
- Waterproof cover is easy to wipe clean
- Can be moved and positioned with ease

Minimum table height
460mm (18")
Maximum table height
980mm (38.5")
Changing Table length
1520mm (59.75'')
Changing Table width
650mm (25.5'')
Changing Table weight
105 kgs (16.5 st)
Maximum user weight
240 kgs (37.75 st)
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